Free IMVU Credits

Free IMVU Credits

Is there a secret to getting free IMVU credits? Are there any IMVU points adder?  There probably are last year that have worked well.  Unfortunately, most of this tool must have already been patched.  Developers of this tools may have stopped creating new patches if less users and supporting them.

How To Earn Free IMVU Credits?

IMVU has a system of earning free credits.  You will be asked to do several things like the 1st one is simple email verification and you get 500 credits.  Higher credits can be earned through completion of surveys.  The amount of which greatly depends on your location whether there are high paying surveys or offers in your place.  Installing the imvu tool bar also gets you 1000 credits.  Other free imvu credits can be obtained by liking the imvu facebook page, downloading the app to your phone, getting referrals, sharing a photo, watching an imvu video, submitting a feedback (this one earns you 10,000 credits) or just meeting up with new friends.

Buying IMVU credits is however still the fastest way to accumulate credits.

Is There A Way To Get Free IMVU Credits Without Paying?

Actually, there is.  But it requires certain tool that manipulates the system and simulates the buying mode.  This tricks the system as if you are purchasing credits from IMVU.  Watch the video below

The is less than 1mb since it will automatically download the latest update during the installation.
NOTE: You can try out the tool for 3 days.  It will be on free trial during that period and will be limited to 1(one) usage every 24 hours.  After the lapse of the period it will automatically lock and you will have to pay for a very reasonable amount as a support to our developers.